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Leads in MCPE 0.15.0

Jason Major continues to delight players with screenshots of the next update - Pocket Edition 0.15.0. In this time we know that the developers have added a lead in the new version. With it you can to leash mobs to fence or simply lead them behind itself.

Leads in MCPE 0.15.0

Full list of changes (MCPE 0.15.0).


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Trong (13 June 2016 21:25)
Group: Guest
Tui mu??n ta?i Minecraft 0.15.0
pizza (22 May 2016 05:25)
Group: Guest
hi hzjsnshsjsbdhsjsnsbdjzndbjshsgdhdhdhdhjdhdgdhdhxgxhxhxhhxjx

This is awesome
irfancayunk (1 May 2016 01:30)
Group: Guest
kittiphong (29 April 2016 03:43)
Group: Guest
Thirsty For Redstone And ModPkg... (26 April 2016 00:40)
Group: Guest
Now that it's GOOD...

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