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For-Minecraft.com » Minecraft PE 0.15.0 » Horses, pistons, new mobs, changelog - Minecraft PE 0.15

Horses, pistons, new mobs, changelog - Minecraft PE 0.15

Within a few days Mojang revealed many secrets of the next MCPE update! Typically, developers very rarely post and keep all secrets before the release but not this time. At this time, information is really a lot.

The horses, polar bears and strange archer skeletons

We started to talk about horses, rather than about pistons because everyone already knows the information about the pistons from our previous articles, and it is not difficult to guess. Remember how the players were unhappy due to lack of pistons. Hmm, something we digress..

Horses, pistons, new mobs, changelog - Minecraft PE 0.15

Well, if you look carefully at this screenshot, you will find at first the fireball and yellow horses spawn egg next to the creeper egg. Fireball ignites any block but keeps the fire longer than flint and steel. And yet, players will be able to shoot by these balls with the help of the distributor, and it will be like to ghast attack.

And in this screenshot you can see the new ghost archer skeleton! :3 You can read about it in this post.

Horses, pistons, new mobs, changelog - Minecraft PE 0.15

Also wither skeleton probably will be added to the game. After killing him, you can get a nether star. This brings us to the creation of the beacon that will be added in pocket edition (most likely).

Horses, pistons, new mobs, changelog - Minecraft PE 0.15

Polar bears - it really something new and interesting. Bear cub is friendly, but if its beside the the "mother", then "she-bear" will attack the player while protecting their offspring.

Horses, pistons, new mobs, changelog - Minecraft PE 0.15


Yes, it's a new gif img from the development on which are clearly can be seen the piston, which pushes the chest. Probably, players can move some entities. One of the oldest news about pistons (click to read).

Other features

As Jeb wrote if a player steps on this block similar to the hardened lava, you will take damage. Now enderman will spawn in the nether world.

The official changelog.

So, it's time to compile a list of changes in 0.15.0 from all news and facts:

Pistons and sticky pistons with a new animation.
Resource packs and textures.
Command blocks and mods (perhaps command).
Horses, archer skeletons, wither skeleton and maybe polar bears.
Trade and dialogues with villagers.
Smooth graphics.
Raw and cooked beef.
Villages generation in the taiga.
Maybe new biomes.
Maybe will be added new mobs and blocks.
Name tags.
Perhaps the worlds with a height of 256 blocks like PC version.
New block - observer.
Is an incomplete list, we are following the development of news and we will notify you of any changes! We assume that the MCPE 0.15.0 release will be held in the summer of 2016.


Time (22 July 2016 17:14)
Group: Guest
ahmed (24 June 2016 01:57)
Group: Guest
Jake (22 May 2016 09:54)
Group: Guest
I can't wait for 0.15.0
Anonymous19293 (9 May 2016 09:40)
Group: Guest
Cool! So, what's newer? what
Nicole (6 May 2016 12:08)
Group: Guest
This is awesome finally new mobs

I will show my friends this
Van Dung Nguyen (24 April 2016 17:32)
Group: Guest
milagros (18 April 2016 05:23)
Group: Guest
Me gusta

Me gusta
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