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For-Minecraft.com » Minecraft PE 0.13.0 » Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.13 - More information

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.13 - More information

After the release of Minecraft PE 0.12, many players have questions about the next game update - 0.13. We have compiled for you a more detailed list of changes 0.13 due to news from the developers, as well as a subtle hint of game files 0.12.1.

The guys from Mojang visited the Q / A-Stream, where they answered questions from players about the game. There is no accurate information about of changes in 0.13, only general questions! Yet in this article you will find many pleasant changes in detail and exclusives that will appear in the next update.

1. Redstone
It is most important! This is what is waiting for every player!

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.13 - More information
Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.13 - More information

We certainly can create circuit, to build a mechanical house, elevators, and much more! Too bad the works of one of the very popular modder (Byteandahalf) .. After all, he was able to create a fully working Redstone addon for 0.11. Now everyone is waiting release the PocketPower 0.12. But a recent tweet of Daniel Wustenhoff brought him into shock and depression. Byte has promised that it will release an addon and even share your own work with the developers of Mojang, so that they were finally able realize the full official Redstone. Still, it's not an easy task!

2. New mobs - rabbits, horses and witches

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.13 - More information

Rabbits will necessarily be added to 0.13! They will be smaller in size, constantly running from the player, can be killed with one shot and spawn only in the forest. And stealing vegetables from your garden!

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.13 - More information

Horses have a small problem with the control interface, but the developers have promised to fix it.

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.13 - More information

Witches are certainly be added in coming versions.

3. Music in the game

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.13 - More information

There is a small problem. Music will have too large total size the application. After all, Google Play and other stores have a limit on the size of the apk-file. Developers said that maybe the music can be downloaded using the official addon.

4. Book and quill

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.13 - More information

The PC version of the game have a book and quill, which can be used to write any notes. In general, they are used when creating the maps for passage. Mojang absolutely agree to add a useful book in Minecraft PE.

5. Height limit of the world

6. Trade

This feature will not be added to 0.13! But you can always use the trade addon.

7. Stonecutter

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.13 - More information

This block will be deleted. It is officially confirmed! Most likely stonecutter will remain in the inventory of creative mode, as decoration.

8. Realms servers

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.13 - More information

Once Mojang has tried to implement the Realms, but then decided to postpone the idea. Mojang serves as a host and server owner just pays $ 10 a month. That is, the official server without third-party hosting. In general, Shoghi soon realizes a Realms.

9. Achievements

10. The possibility of opening chests in Creative mode

11. Exclusive biomes, mobs, etc.

Yes, the developers even suggested - Arctic biome and penguins, as well as monkeys and llamas. It would be nice.

We hope that you have found really important information. In addition, has started active development 0.13 and developers often will share with new information. Release date is unknown.


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hiep001pp (27 September 2016 05:27)
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Quote: JP_Anime
I really really dont like this game because I EXTREMELY LIKE ITTT!!!! because guys its so creative sometimes its about how u survive when u get lost or something else..MOJ@NG is so coolll!!! But the question is , in this version of minecraft pe can they have some different doors like a spruce and acacia because that will be lot awesome oh crap!!! A book and quill now i can write my diary as possible.....
jekgayagoy (18 January 2016 15:57)
Group: Guest
play minecraft and happy
kilmaster2 (5 November 2015 01:21)
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Nicholas Jaikaran (3 November 2015 12:49)
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Please make this download available sooooon!
kan xoml (30 October 2015 20:07)
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Jeanfreudramos (29 October 2015 13:31)
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How to download this minecraft pe 0.13.0 pls

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Did you download this minecraft pe
mince (29 October 2015 12:02)
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