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Minecraft PE 0.12.0 update

Interesting information about the upcoming release of the Minecraft PE 0.12.0! This information appeared on the end of the Minecon festival. Well, we can now present to you a detailed list of the updates!

Zombies villagers!
Zombies villagers will have their working professions, so zombie farmers will be dressed as ordinary farmers.
You will be able to brew potions.
Players will be able to use the anvil.
The acceleration and stealth mode.
The character is gradually becoming a hungry during acceleration.
Hunger - is another new option.
You can use the controller and the keyboard with Android and iOS.
Nether world. Completely.
Experience points and enchantment.
Redstone will be added this year.
There will ocelots.
Wither can be included in version 0.12.0 or be released with the next update.
Realms will return this year.
Added change of weather. Finally, we will be able to extract ore during a snowfall!
Added in-game music, so now you can enjoy the soothing melodies during the game.
Head of mobs.
Pots of flowers.
Iron Golem ?!
Boats of all types of wood.


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ivona (30 October 2015 22:18)
Group: Guest
Quote: Minecraftqueenlo
How do you download the mods


Minecraft je nejlep?? hra

Minecraft je nejlep?? hra

Minecraft je nejlep?? hra

Minecraft je nejlep? hra
Ahmad (28 October 2015 06:51)
Group: Guest

Gizli27minecraft (23 October 2015 09:02)
Group: Guest
Minecraftqueenlo (17 October 2015 12:26)
How do you download the mods
Fahad Ahmed (10 September 2015 03:35)
Group: Guest
Hello you can download 0.12.whatever from herehttps://m.hiapphere.com/down/minecraft_-_pocket_edition
Nick (9 August 2015 08:59)
Group: Guest
Why can't I trade in 0.12
Donna (8 August 2015 14:27)
Group: Guest
I will like it
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