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For-Minecraft.com » Clients for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Turtle Pack for Minecraft Bedrock 1.17/1.18

Turtle Pack for Minecraft Bedrock 1.17/1.18

In general terms, this is more a Minecraft PE client than a custom pack, and the point is covered in each of its features. Turtle Client is a collection of almost 80 changes affecting all aspects of the game no matter what mode. It starts with an increase in FPS and ends with an updated interface and a lot of tweaks that you would like your Minecraft to have.

By Chixuty

Turtle Pack/Client Features:

1. Detailed Position Text
2. Added Quickcraft
3. Invisible Inventoy Button
4. Invisible Item Background
5. 25% Opacity D-Pad (Removed)
6. Better Wool Blocks
7. Full Bright (Extension)
8. See Under Lava
9. See Under Water (Extension)
10. Short Swords (Removed)
11. Outlined Ores
12. Short Grass
13. Grass Block Side Filled
14. Low Fire
15. Able To See What Villagers Are Going To Sell After
16. Quick Chat
17. No Breaking Particles
18. Better CrossHair
19. Player Render
20. Client Debug Title
21. FPS Improvement
22. Health & Hunger Bars On Pocket Inventory Screen
23. Small Shield
24. Clean Leather Armor
25. Better Menu Panorama (Removed)
26. Player Render On Chest Screen
27. 2d Clouds
28. Better Settings Screen
29. Toggle Button To Show Player On Pause Screen
30. No Block Breaking Particles
31. No Particles Subpack
32. Dark Ui
33. Better Pause Screen
34. Client Logo On Chest Screen
35. Potion Hud On Chest Screen
36. Renders On Classic Inventory
37. Client Cape
38. Armor Grid On Bottom Left Of Pocket UI
39. Armor Hud At Bottom Left
41. Compass On Hud Screen
42. SprintStatus
43. AnimatedCapes
44. 3D Block Hitbox
45. Bandana
46. New Gui Texture
47. Type Of ForceCoords (Removed)
48. Armor Hud Vertical
49. Green Biomes
50. Full Bright Extension
51. New Loading Screen
52. WayPoints (Removed)
53. Java Hand (Removed)
54. Type Of Freecam
55. New Breaking Animation
56. Chest Esp (Extension)
57. Toggleable Armor Hud
58. Durability For Items Is not Rounded
59. Durability Bar Always Green
60. Smaller Chat Font
61. Desktop Chest Screen When On Pocket (Removed)
62. Armor Hud On Classic Chest Screen
63. Bottom Chat
64. Progress Title When Loading A World
65. Fixed Floating Armor Hud
66. Cancel Button When Joining A Server
67. Detailed Icons
68. 3rd Person Crosshair
69. Player Visible In Darkness
70. Removes The Top Middle Beta Text
71. Item Count In Creative
72. 3rd Person Name Tag
73. Music Player
74. Life Counter
75. Better Potions
76. Enchanted Armor Hud
77. Offhand Slot
78. Items In Hand (Swords,Axes,Pickaxes,Shovels)
79. Toggleable Mods (Phones Only)
80. Anti Weather
81. No Fog

How To Add Custom Music?

Go To Any Website To Convert Your Song To .ogg File, When File Is Downloaded Move Your Song To games/mojang/resourcespacks/TurtlePack/sounds/custom And Move It There And Rename It To Music_1 Or The Number Following.

How To Active FreeCam?

Hold A Arrow In Your Left Hand And Go Into Third Person.

How To Have A Custom Name Tag?

Make Your Image, And Paste It To games/mojang/resourcepacks/TurtleClient/textures/cosmetics And Rename It To Tag

How To Activate GreenScreen?

Equip A FireWork Rocket In Your Offhand Then Sneak


Turtle Pack for Minecraft PE
Turtle Pack for Minecraft PE
Turtle Pack for Minecraft PE
Turtle Pack for Minecraft PE
Turtle Pack for Minecraft PE
Turtle Pack for Minecraft PE
Turtle Pack for Minecraft PE
Turtle Pack for Minecraft PE
Turtle Pack for Minecraft PE
Turtle Pack for Minecraft PE
Turtle Pack for Minecraft PE

How to install the Turtle Pack?

1. Download the pack and run it using Minecraft PE.
2. Go to the game settings and activate the pack.

Download Turtle Pack v6.5 for Minecraft PE 1.17/1.18


Kyawzinhtut2234 (9 August 2022 07:50)
Group: Guest
Good ui pack
Rohit (22 April 2022 03:17)
Group: Guest
This is too bad
Fuck (17 March 2022 09:45)
Group: Guest
Ok go to hell
Vrutansh (15 March 2022 04:44)
Group: Guest
Nise client
Aayush (13 March 2022 07:57)
Group: Guest
Please 🙏🙏🥺
Guest Minecraft (27 February 2022 21:54)
Group: Guest
Minecraft best

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