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Minecraft PE (Bedrock)

Yes, this is the first beta version of the underwater update and it is already available for Android, Win10 and Xbox, iOS users are waiting. As expected, Mojang came to grips with the water update, which they recently launched in MC Java. At the moment, MCPE contains some of the content planned for the final version of Minecraft Bedrock 1.3 (learn more).

Minecraft PE (Bedrock)

Minecraft PE (Bedrock)

Perhaps the new mob is the most interesting and unpredictable point of this update. It spawns at the bottom of the oceans and seas and looks like all familiar zombies. It behaves strangely enough only that it walks on the bottom instead of swimming. Appreciate it yourself diving to the bottom of the ocean.

Minecraft PE (Bedrock)
Minecraft PE (Bedrock)

The trident is the second most important thing. It can be thrown or fought in close combat, and there is also the ability to set enchants for it. Where can I find it? Most likely, it will appear in underwater structures.

Minecraft PE (Bedrock)

You can learn about other innovations in full post, link below.

Download Minecraft PE [Android/Xbox/Win10]


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