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Download Minecraft PE (Bedrock) 1.2.9

It happened and we became closer to Minecraft Bedrock 1.3, the release of which is scheduled in the near future. Traditionally, the update in the 1.2 series does not bring anything new that can be touched or seen. The bulk of the changes are bug fixes and some other features for convenience.

Most likely, MCPE 1.2.9 is the final version and soon we will see the update 1.3. Mojang does not give details of the next version, but there is a chance that it refers to The Update Aquatic.

Download Minecraft PE (Bedrock) 1.2.9

If this is true then 1.3 will be the most significant update of the water environment in the history of Minecraft because the players have not yet seen such global changes are for a certain environment. Find out more details by clicking on the link.

Download Minecraft PE 1.2.9


andry ramahavatra (24 May 2018 03:11)
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mlay be lerets eee,tena mlay marn eee

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