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For-Minecraft.com » Minecraft PE 1.17 » Minecraft PE - Copper & Lightning Rod

Minecraft PE - Copper & Lightning Rod

The second side of the Minecraft PE 1.17 is ores and new items from them. This time you get access to copper generated all over the world as well as a lightning rod that rescues any wooden structure in the rain. All of this is part of the Caves & Cliffs Update version released today as beta for Android, Win10 and Xbox.

Copper Ore:

So, check out the new ore added to Minecraft. This is copper and it is generated underground so grab a pickaxe and head to the nearest mine to find and mine it. At the moment, copper is part of one single item about which below.

Minecraft PE
Minecraft PE
Among the unique properties of copper is oxidization. Craft a copper block from copper ingots and place it anywhere outdoors. After some time, it will oxidize and change its color. This can be avoided by using honeycomb wax.

Minecraft PE copper
Minecraft PE copper

What is a Lightning Rod in MCPE?

In MCPE, a lightning rod is an item that literally absorbs lightning strikes within a radius of 64 blocks. It will come in handy if you do not know how to save buildings from burning blocks such as wood. Plus a lightning rod charged with lightning can be a source of a redstone signal.

Something else?

In addition, contains many bug fixes which you can see in the full post.

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