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For-Minecraft.com » Minecraft PE 1.17 » Minecraft PE - Stalactites & Stalagmites

Minecraft PE - Stalactites & Stalagmites

Let's get straight to the point and represents the expected features of Minecraft PE 1.17, which for some reason have not yet been singled out in a separate version. So, as with the rest of the Cave & Cliffs beta versions, toggle the experimental features option in the game or your world settings. After that, start learning new items and features.


Stalactites and stalagmites were shown last year at the Minecraft Live; in addition, they are already implemented as Minecraft PE addons which you can also find on the site. And finally, the dripstone has now been added to the game, but with some inaccuracies that will be fixed in the next betas.

Minecraft PE
Minecraft PE
What is a dripstone? In the current state of version, stalactites and stalagmites can be placed from the top and bottom of the blocks. They can also fall down, damage players and mobs. In general, they carry the same functionality that the developers talked about in 2020.


Sculk Sensor:

This block is a great joy for those who use redstone and create mechanisms. Sculk sensor is designed to detect vibrations outgoing in the nearest radius (it works in a radius of up to 8 blocks). When the block senses vibration it sends a redstone signal that can be used by the player in their mechanisms.

Something else?

These two features apply to MCPE 1.17, but at the same time Minecraft PE also contains bugfixes. Check out the entire changelog in the full post and look forward to the next update with amethyst crystals and other cool features.

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