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For-Minecraft.com » Minecraft PE 1.17 » Minecraft PE - Caves & Cliffs Beta

Minecraft PE - Caves & Cliffs Beta

Unexpectedly for everyone, the first tangible beta version of Minecraft PE 1.17 is already available for Android, Xbox and Win10! Minecraft Bedrock became, to everyone's surprise, the first beta version of the Caves & Cliffs update, which for some reason remained in the 1.16 branch. But in fact, it already happened that some of the features of future updates were part of the current versions, so here, start your acquaintance with the 1.17 update today!

First steps to Caves and Cliffs:

1. Mountain Goats

Among the things added in version are mountain goats. This planned mob is one of the new entities in the upcoming Minecraft PE 1.17.0 update. At the moment, mountain goats are breedable, milkable and quite dangerous due to the height of the mountains where they live.

Minecraft PE - Caves & Cliffs Beta
Minecraft PE - Caves & Cliffs Beta

2. Powder Snow

The second item of MCPE is powder snow. For the most part, this block will be used most often in mini games as the powder snow has a slowing effect and a visible frosty vignette on the screen.

Minecraft PE
Minecraft PE

3. Bugfixes

Read more in the full article and download Minecraft PE if you want to personally see some of the 1.17 features. Oh yeah, be sure to go to the game settings to activate the Caves & Cliffs features.


Daniel vilato (15 December 2021 21:10)
Group: Guest
Quiero descargar el mod y no se como
Zowps (14 September 2021 08:04)
Group: Guest
جميل جدا جدا واو شكله خوروفي وواوووووو
Jose (22 August 2021 05:03)
Group: Guest
Que bueno
Rofi sofiya (21 August 2021 02:05)
Group: Guest
daniel (22 July 2021 07:07)
Group: Guest

o jogo e otimo e bom e minecraft muinto bom aaaataaaaa e o melho app de minecraft do mono
Nizar (18 January 2021 15:41)
Group: Guest
Bilal (3 January 2021 16:16)
Group: Guest
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