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Minecraft Bedrock

It happened a few hours ago, Minecraft Bedrock version 1.16 is officially open called Nether Update. As expected, this major update changes the concept of hell, which has existed for many years without changes. It will be much easier for you to figure it out if you are playing Java version 1.16. By the way, now both editions have the same number and parity features.

What is the Nether Update?

All features are in the main post - Minecraft PE 1.16, follow the link to find out more and download the latest updates. Meanwhile, brings a huge number of changes, among which the following can be distinguished: new nether biomes, new mobs, plants and blocks.

What biomes are added?

There are only three of them if we talk about each as a separate biome. Developers do not plan to add other biomes in future versions of MCPE 1.16, so all attention was paid only to them.

Warped and crimson forests, soulsand valley are new biomes where you definitely need to go after installing the update. Biomes are endowed with individual characteristics such as flora and fauna, fogs and glows and other phenomena.

Meet new mobs:

They became three new creatures, one of which existed in the game before the update. The first is a Piglin, a lover of gold and all that has a golden sheen. This intelligent creature is more like a villager than anyone else if you do not take into account their appearance.

Minecraft Bedrock
Hoglins are animals that inhabit the nether. Their habitat is concentrated in the crimson forests, be careful, they are very dangerous and attack at the most unexpected moment.

Netherite and other things you need to know аbout:

Do you want armor stronger than diamond one? Then use netherite as a new crafting material. In fact, it has more uses than you think. Speaking about other features, as well as considering detailed information about each aspect along with the Minecraft PE changelog, go to the full article.

Download Minecraft Bedrock


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