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Minecraft Bedrock Edition - Character Creator

Yes, the true and working Character Creator is finally introduced in version for Android, Win10 and Xbox. Do you remember the addon that opens access to this creator in previous versions? So now everything works without additional modifications and you can independently create your own unique characters by choosing your favorite body parts and faces.

What is the Character Creator?

This is a tool built into the game that replaces the regular skin picker and adds many new features. In Minecraft PE, you can create your skin without leaving the game and without using other graphic editors. No photoshop, everything is done right in the game.

To do this, go to the Profile tab and select the skin you want to edit. Everything is intuitive, create new or delete old ones. Creating involves changing the face, including mouth, eyes, as well as hair, body and size. By the way, character height is taken into account when you try to go into a hole 1 block high.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition
Minecraft Bedrock Edition
Minecraft Bedrock Edition
Minecraft Bedrock Edition
Well, you can download Minecraft Bedrock Edition by clicking on the link and also learn a little more about the list of changes of this and previous versions.

Download Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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