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Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Paying attention to previous beta versions of Minecraft PE 1.13 you do not see any fundamentally new content, usually these are changes related to bugs and performance. But this time, Mojang released an update with new items and cool features taken from Java Edition. Follow the link below to download the beta version and also to learn a little more about the changelog.

Update features:

The changelog opens with a wither rose which became another plant in Minecraft Bedrock 1.13, but with negative effects. Use it to craft black dye but in other cases it is better not to come close.

The second new item is suspicious stew which, incidentally, was only expected in Minecraft PE 1.14, which is the next global update. Eat this stew to apply the selected effect and restore some health.

Suspicious stew recipe:

Minecraft Bedrock Edition
A group of mushrooms has been replenished and the new one is a brown mooshroom. In fact, it is a regular mushroom in the past that turned brown after a lightning strike.

In addition to the new items, Minecraft BE added abandoned villages as well as reaction after you defeat pillagers during the raid. As expected, village upgrades are ongoing.

For the sound part of the game, MCPE contains many new sounds for note blocks. Keep this in mind when creating maps, but this is not the only feature for map-makers. So that you can illuminate the dark corners of the map without using torches and lamps, use lighting blocks that have lighting levels.

The last plant that existed only in the PC version are dead coral plants.

Other changes:

In addition to walls, frames can be attached to the ceiling and floor. Create whole rooms framed like wallpaper.

Minecraft PE
Minecraft PE
You can not look for height addons for your character since now Steve and Alex are commensurate not with two blocks but with 1.8. This means the opportunity to go where there are slabs.

Download Minecraft PE
Download Minecraft PE


See the rest of the changes in the full article at the link below.

Download Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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