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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Bottle Skyblock Map for Minecraft 1.18/1.19

Bottle Skyblock Map for Minecraft 1.18/1.19

Bottle Skyblock follows the main rules of the original map while coming up with something new at the same time. The primary goal is survival and this skyblock, like many others, will test your stamina and quick wits. Lack of resources, sometimes a complete absence, you should think more about how to do this or that step in the best way.

By: Beyond64

What is special about this skyblock?

As the name suggests, today's skyblock is a world made up of many bottles, some of which are inhabited. Outwardly, these are giant bottles with a cork with structures, resources and mobs inside.

Bottle Skyblock Map for Minecraft 1.18/1.19
Bottle Skyblock Map for Minecraft 1.18/1.19

Achievements of goals:

None of the bottles are connected to the others which means you have to build bridges to. Building a bridge is an expensive undertaking as there is a lack of resources.

Bottle Skyblock Map
Bottle Skyblock Map
But once you reach the first bottle don't break the glass so fast. Some of them contain liquids or mobs. Also, don't forget about the shop featuring rare items for sale.

Bottle Skyblock
Bottle Skyblock

How to install the Bottle Skyblock City Map?

1. Download the map.
2. Open it using Minecraft PE to import the map. 

Download Bottle Skyblock Map for Minecraft PE 1.18/1.19


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