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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Zombie Apocalypse Map (Bedrock 1.18+)

Zombie Apocalypse Map (Bedrock 1.18+)

No mercy, this map is a real challenge for you and your friends who managed to survive this apocalypse. Huge crowds of zombies, a large arsenal of weapons, tons of ammunition and a bunch of used first-aid kits - that's what Zombie Apocalypse for Bedrock Edition is.

By: Julius Scizzor

Select Mode:

The first thing the map starts with is choosing a game mode. There are several different modes, differing only in rules. The main course remains the same - you need to destroy the zombies by any means and as quickly as possible, otherwise the next wave will be your last.

Zombie Apocalypse Map Bedrock 1.18
Zombie Apocalypse Map Bedrock 1.18
Zombie Apocalypse Map Bedrock 1.18
Zombie Apocalypse Map Bedrock 1.18

Your weapon:

There are tons of weapons ranging from melee weapons to pistols and rifles. Don't forget about ammo, watch your health and try to stay calm.

Zombie Apocalypse Map
Zombie Apocalypse Map
Zombie Apocalypse Map

Trade and build:

Zombie Apocalypse has its own trading system. Accumulate XP points and spend them on various purchases and upgrades. Plus you can build small shelters using new blocks and items. It can save your life when you're running low.

How to install the Zombie Apocalypse Map?

1. Download the map.
2. Open it using Minecraft PE to import the map.  

Download Zombie Apocalypse Map v1.1 for MC Bedrock 1.18+


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