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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » FBSB Map for Minecraft Bedrock 1.16

FBSB Map for Minecraft Bedrock 1.16

Fisher Block SkyBlock is a fresh subgenre of the classic Skyblock where your main tool is a regular fishing rod. Fans of this mini-game are already familiar with many of these maps offering players traditional skyblock, extreme, hardcore, knockout for multiplayer and many others.

By: PHantomYT

What is Fisher Block SkyBlock?

This is a classic skyblock with the addition of a main component without which you cannot play. Your most precious item will be a fishing rod that allows you to extract blocks and items from the chest. This works like typical Minecraft fishing, but instead of water, it uses a chest.

After casting your fishing rod, wait for the moment to come. One fishing gives one random item, do not rush to spend which. Keep in mind that Skybock is a difficult survival game that assumes that you are economical about everything you get while playing.

FBSB Map for Minecraft Bedrock 1.16
FBSB Map for Minecraft Bedrock 1.16


Open the rulebook to learn more about what to do and where to go next. In addition, FBSB has new recipes optimized for Skyblock. Start the game on a small island in order to eventually reach ender dragon and beat him.


How to install The Fisher Block SkyBlock Map?

1. Download the map.
2. Open it using Minecraft, the map will be imported.

Download FBSB Map for Minecraft Bedrock 1.16


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