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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Standoff 2 Rust Map for Minecraft PE 1.16

Standoff 2 Rust Map for Minecraft PE 1.16

CSGO for mobile phones, this is how Standoff 2 can be described, developed for both iOS and Android. There are really a lot of common features between both games, and if at some point you want to play a shooter on your smartphone, then install Standoff 2. After that, go back to Minecraft PE and download this map to add a defuse map.

By: tmwyout

Rust Location:

This is not to say that the map exactly repeats the Rust level from Standoff 2. There are some differences if you take a look at the general plan. But anyway, it really resembles that same map with two teams. If you are going to recreate events, in Rust you need to do the same as in the competitive mode of CS:GO.

Rules of the game:

Participants can set the rules themselves, but following the original idea, create two teams (5 people each are desirable). The first team aims to destroy the location by planting and detonating a bomb. The second team must either kill all the terrorists or deactivate the bomb.

Standoff 2 Rust Map for Minecraft PE
Standoff 2 Rust Map for Minecraft PE

What is attached?

For a better perception, the map contains Vanilla+ texture pack and realistic shaders.

How to install the Standoff 2 Rust?

1. Download the map.
2. Open it using Minecraft for auto importing. 

Download Standoff 2 Rust Map for Minecraft PE 1.16


AXLEBOLT (19 May 2023 10:54)
Group: Guest
Всем привет это я разработчик игры standoff 2

Харошую карту создали мне понравилось
Cokopo (21 April 2023 21:30)
Group: Guest
Дима Беспалый (29 March 2023 05:54)
Group: Guest
Крутая игра
Гвоввл (21 June 2022 07:04)
Group: Guest
Kosta (3 April 2022 22:51)
Group: Guest
Wat in download-где скачать
Maxim (27 February 2022 08:28)
Group: Guest
Tim (6 December 2021 07:22)
Group: Guest
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