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Supreme Master PvP Map for Minecraft PE

Do you consider yourself the best archer among other players? It is easy to check by playing this map for Minecraft PE 1.12 and 1.13. There are 6 locations created like CS maps: these are separate levels having a unique architecture and style. There is no mercy, destroy your opponents - PvP is designed specifically for such purposes.

By: hTk



A small house in the center of the map, opposite sides aligned.


The name speaks for itself: it is in some way an adaptation of DeDust for Minecraft Bedrock in reduced sizes.


The main structure is the ruin, there are tall trees and walls around.

Supreme Master PVP Map Minecraft PE


Cache in one word. Choose the path of attack or defense and win.

Supreme Master PVP Map Minecraft PE


There are artificial hills from where it is very convenient to fire.


The space closed by the ceiling is rather dark here if you recall the previous locations.

Team game:

Not to mention solitary survival, the map was originally designed for team play. Two teams, blue and red, players must choose the side and kill the players of the opposite team until there is no one left.

How to install the Supreme Master PvP Map?

1. Download the map.
2. Open it using Minecraft, the map will be imported automatically.

Download Supreme Master PvP Map for Minecraft PE


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Well I didn't expect this to happen but thanks anyway :)

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