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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » 19 Secrets Map for Minecraft PE

19 Secrets Map for Minecraft PE

Switch your brain to solving puzzles instead of parkour or buying expensive houses. Opening this map you will need to solve almost 20 puzzles scattered throughout the kingdom. It is quite large and consists not only of the castle but also of other dimensions where you need to go. All the detailed information is on the map, use the tips and tasks in chests or on the walls and signs.

Where to begin?

A special feature of this map is that you can do anything exploring the kingdom step by step. Start solving problems in one place and finish in another; this is a fairly free map with open locations. But do not go far and do not lose the main plot tied to puzzles.

In the beginning you will have to search a little while reading the information on the signs. Then the map will absorb you more and more.

19 Secrets Map for Minecraft PE
19 Secrets Map for Minecraft PE

Download 19 Secrets Map for Minecraft PE


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