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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » The RAFT Map for Minecraft PE

The RAFT Map for Minecraft PE

Do you like survival, but what about hardcore survival in the middle of the ocean? If you have never experienced a shortage of everything that only exists in Minecraft PE then you need to play The RAFT. This map is an adaptation for MCPE and later, where you will be lost in the ocean without livelihoods. All that surrounds you is water, and in order for you not to relax and not waste time, sharks are ready to eat you at any moment.

By: Cubiks Team

To limit the playing area, The RAFT is located in a large cube filled with water. You have to explore the only thing that surrounds you and look for blocks and objects. Searches will not be so simple and safe, the sharks inhabiting the ocean are hungry and want to tear you apart.

The raft features:

Closed map, no way to escape or reach the islands
Resources hid everywhere under the raft
Sharks as the main enemies
Expand your raft, modify it

The RAFT Map for Minecraft PE
The RAFT Map for Minecraft PE

Download The RAFT Map for Minecraft PE


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