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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Jungle SkyWars Map for Minecraft PE 1.11

Jungle SkyWars Map for Minecraft PE 1.11

And here is the next Skywars where epic battles take place among completely different players. Players of different skills can join the game on this map, but no one knows for sure who will win. The fact is that Skywars in Minecraft PE are the same chances of winning for all participants in the game, but as the battle progresses, some particularly tricky players will be able to take advantage of bonus things if they get to the central island.

Jungle SkyWars Map for Minecraft PE 1.11
Jungle SkyWars Map for Minecraft PE 1.11

Jungle SkyWars offers:

Playground for 8 players
One player is one mini island
Central island with extras
Control Lobby
Tested, no loopholes and cheating capabilities
Multiplayer compatibility
No additional content, only map with mechanisms

How to start?

Go to the lobby and click on the start button. Then you will appear on your island among the other players. Once everyone is ready you need to destroy everyone using any means.

Want to be an archer and destroy enemies with accurate shots? Maybe you are a great swordsman and are good at fighting in melee? Then build bridges and attack enemies unexpectedly, but also do not forget about your life, it hangs in the balance.

Download Jungle SkyWars Map for Minecraft PE 1.11


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i can download the map

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