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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Mushroom World Map for MCBE 1.11

Mushroom World Map for MCBE 1.11

With a wide selection of maps for Minecraft Bedrock, you can start your survival anywhere, even on the Moon among the craters and lunar soil. But until now you could not go to the mushroom world, half of which consists of giant mushrooms growing in all parts of the world. This planet has created all the conditions for the mushrooms to grow both in breadth and height, and thousands of years later such huge mushrooms appeared.

By: Endxenoc

Mushroom World Map for MCBE 1.11
Mushroom World Map for MCBE 1.11
Have you ever lived on a mushroom? Once in the Mushroom World, the mushrooms whose height is equal to a multi-storey building can be a natural basis for your base or mansion. Some mushrooms are multi-level, you can use them as floors. In general terms, this world is multi-colored and almost everywhere mushrooms grow.

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