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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Ship Hide & Seek Map for Minecraft BE 1.11

Ship Hide & Seek Map for Minecraft BE 1.11

Where is the best place to play such a mini game as hide and seek? In Minecraft, there are many different locations built by experienced map makers in the hide-and-seek genre, but almost all use buildings and residential or offices. What about a huge ship?

By: SG

Hiding in this strange at first glance place can be a real adventure not only for the seeker but also for those who hide. This in turn stretches the game and even the first attempt to play can last more than 10 minutes.

A little about the Ship:

As you can see from above the ship may seem rather large, but because of its narrow area, the seeker can walk around it in a minute. So go deep into the ship and look for dark places bypassing the deck. Is it possible to move during the game this issue can be resolved between the players.

Download Ship Hide & Seek Map for Minecraft BE 1.11


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