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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » SCP Area 233 Map for Minecraft PE

SCP Area 233 Map for Minecraft PE

You will fall into a terrifying place, it is highly classified and ordinary civilians are not even aware of its existence. Here are concentrated all the anomalies found, which are extremely dangerous for all mankind. And who will be a visitor to such a place? It is you who are going to Area 233 consisting of several sectors in which you should definitely visit.

SCP Special features:

- Town
- Nuclear plant
- Runway
- Various tunnels and catacombs
- Two huge bunkers
- Police station
- Sewage system
- Pipes

Download SCP Area 233 Map for Minecraft PE


Husky (23 June 2019 04:32)
Group: Guest
You seem to be a special idiot so I'll be here to help the map maker. You see You can extract the zip On a flash drive for PC or other devices and then you can use file explorer to make it inside the MCPE Map folder. So please before you call someone an idiot have a basic understanding of things, From ya boi Husky.

Also Instead of just insulting you I finished I should've installed the map to guide you if you have a PC or phone with that block ass map or something, You install the folder, Unzip it make the "SCP AREA 233 BY ANDREW SOLODNIKOV" Then move that folder to "Users/(Said User name) App data, local, packages Microsoft Minecraft UWP Console, Games/ com.mojang/Maps or a folder like that then move the folder in there, I've also installed the map myself, Its actually a pretty good map.
Dr.lule (16 June 2019 09:48)
Group: Guest
Why is it a MCPE map if it’s a .zip packet?

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