» » Parkour 5 map for Minecraft PE

Parkour 5 map for Minecraft PE

This is already the fifth part of the map with the simple name Parkour, where the entire parkour playground is in the sky and if the player drops, then you will have only one choice to start all over again. In fact, despite this title and only one attempt, the map is quite simple if you are not the first time playing parkour in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

By: M.K.A The craft


10 levels from easy to hard
One attempt to complete a level
Branches in the course of passage
Horizontal and vertical parkour
Compatible with MCPE 1.9 Betas

Why not play with a friend? Parkour 5 is more suitable for single passing, but if solo mode is boring then invite one or two players and start parkour together.

Download Parkour 5 map for Minecraft PE


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