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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Kyokei City for Minecraft 1.8

Kyokei City for Minecraft 1.8

Kyokei City is one of the first true Japanese cities ever created in Minecraft. This is a very interesting city from the point of view of tourism and if you have never been to Japan and would like to go there, then start your journey with this map. All the attributes of an Asian city were observed: Japanese characters, dense buildings where the houses are located close to each other and the predominance of white.

By: Ingram_1998

Kyokei City for Minecraft 1.8
Kyokei City for Minecraft 1.8

If you do not want to move around the city on your feet, do not deny yourself the pleasure to download a vehicle addon for MCBE. Any of the presented cars will cope well with the task of fast and comfortable driving: Lamborghini or McLaren or any other on our site.

Kyokei City for Minecraft 1.8
Kyokei City for Minecraft 1.8
Kyokei City for Minecraft 1.8

Asia is another world that is very interesting for discovery, especially for Japan. Be sure to visit this magical country and see for yourself.

Download Kyokei City for Minecraft 1.8 [134.4 Mb]


DelTaco24 (5 March 2019 19:40)
Group: Guest
This map is nice for Asian bois like me but, I have two problems with this map. Firstly this map lags and takes up a lot of space but, the lag is not unbearable it’s jsut that it sometimes crashes. And second is it’s ALWAYS 35°c aka 95°f WTF I HATE SUMMER!!! And I just realized summer is in 3 months OOOOOF 000003

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