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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Broville PE City for Minecraft BE 1.2

Broville PE City for Minecraft BE 1.2

In front of you is a ported version of Broville which is currently included in the top 3 largest cities for Minecraft Bedrock. Initially Broville was built in Minecraft Java and collected many positive reviews. It's your turn to see and test the map.

By: BlueSoldier

Broville PE City for Minecraft BE 1.2

Features of the city:

About 1.000 buildings!
Decorated interiors, entrances to buildings
Many mechanisms (some may not work)
Hidden locations, look not only under your feet
Amazing streets and the surrounding area of the city

Broville PE City for Minecraft BE 1.2
Broville PE City for Minecraft BE 1.2

On some streets the houses are very tight. In addition to the inner part of the city, the creator took care of nature and built beautiful parks and natural structures. Walking along the avenue you will see different vehicles and street decorations.

Broville PE City for Minecraft BE 1.2

Do not sit at home and spend more time researching the entire map as there are a lot of interesting and fascinating places. Do not forget to visit a space platform and military facilities, as well as visit the highest building of Broville PE.

Broville PE City for Minecraft BE 1.2

Note: Map loading may take longer. Some blocks may not be displayed correctly, please report this.

Download Broville PE City for Minecraft BE 1.2


vincentsitu8888 (11 October 2022 16:01)
Group: Guest
Bruh you didn't even credit oldshoes for this

DelTaco24 If you have Java, play the real version of Broville, not this uncredited port
kirbyfan2022 (4 July 2022 20:48)
i love this map
DelTaco24 (12 January 2022 22:07)
Group: Guest
Fuck I’m finding so many of my cringey old comments on here. I was being such an asshat too, calling someone else’s map shit all because they have a different style. I wish I posted these under a different name at least lol.
el fano (23 May 2020 01:27)
Group: Guest
is there a base
DelTaco24 (6 March 2019 00:27)
Group: Guest
Ok I took a brief tour driving a horse through the main roads from spawn and back and it’s ok it does have that dense big city feel to it but I’m not a big fan of the scale and the main materials. First the scale the scale is rather small it’s one block it one lane of traffic but, you did do better than most maps at this scale but, it’s about the same scale as newisle. Second the materials this map has WAY to many wood and stone buildings throughout the map that is 90% of the city, it just doesn’t have enough color to it it’s just gray and brown. My third problem is that there isn’t much modern architecture in this map it seems like most of it is from 1850-1950. The only “modern” building that is noticeable is the BN tower, that it for modern stuff the rest is old buildings just like Detroit, ONE building from 2009, the rest from before 2000.
DelTaco24 (5 March 2019 21:55)
Group: Guest
I’m going to check it out again cus I am b-o-r-e-d
DelTaco24 (1 March 2019 15:12)
Group: Guest
Not a big fan because all the buildings look the same, wood and stone bricks and that makes it pretty boring AND NO STAINED GLASS SKYSCRAPERS WTF??!!!!!!!!?!?!?!

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