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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Paintball for Minecraft PE 1.2

Paintball for Minecraft PE 1.2

This is not exactly paintball, although in some ways this map can be so called. The goal of the game is to win over the opposing team, so the map is designed for a minimum of two players (the optimal number is four). There are two teams: blue and red.

By: SkyGames

There is no paintball gun, you get paint balls instead of it, which does not kill players. The fact is that these paintballs will repaint the block that you hit and your color is deadly to the participants of the hostile team. So throw the balls under the enemy's feet and wait for him to die.

Paintball for Minecraft PE 1.2

The principle of the game is similar to the spleef, but only the paint balls are your main weapon in the fight. And always be on guard, at any time the block under your feet can change color.

Download Paintball for Minecraft PE 1.2


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