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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » TNT Run map pack for Minecraft PE

TNT Run map pack for Minecraft PE

This pack consists of three maps that belong to the TNT Run genre. These maps have a lot in common so if you like mini-games where the speed of the player is the main criterion of victory, then see the screenshots and select those maps that you liked. In fact, all creations include an arena for playing games, mechanisms with command blocks and a small faq.

TNT Run map pack for Minecraft PE

What do you need to do?

1) Once you have appeared on the map, call the other players (if this is a MCPE server) and switch the lever or press the button to teleport to the arena.
2) If the map has a countdown, then wait for it to finish and start the game. Remember that only the one who survives will be the winner.
3) If you make a mistake and it was the last for you, then wait for the end of the game. Dead players can not enter the game that started.
4) Over time, the arena will become smaller and eventually it will decrease by half or more. Therefore, plan your way in advance and stay away from the center.
5) The maximum number of players is 6. If you invite more players, it is better to divide the game into several stages.
6) The maps are automated, there is no need to copy arenas. There is a reset button in the lobby.

All maps require Minecraft PE 1.0 or later. The fact is that there were used command blocks and some design components.

Download TNT Run map pack


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