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For-Minecraft.com » Maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Ghost Parkour map for Minecraft PE 1.1+

Ghost Parkour map for Minecraft PE 1.1+

Perhaps you have already forgotten what it means to go through maps for a long time, because more than half of the parkour creations last about 5-10 minutes and now you are on the finish line. Ghost Parkour was designed so that the parkourist went through many different levels built in different styles. Basically, this is the usual jumping through the distance between blocks so run cautiously and do not make unnecessary movements.

Ghost Parkour map for Minecraft PE 1.1+

Such MCPE maps teach the players how to use the jump button and move after. Within 20 minutes you can dexterously jump from one block to another without the use of creative and effects. If you failed then you can start again that level where you finished.

Download Ghost Parkour map for Minecraft PE


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