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Hytale - Minecraft Killer

Hytale, the owner of the most popular servers for Minecraft Java Edition, announced its first game in the Minecraft syle but with a bunch of new mechanics! Assistant in the development of the game is the Riot Games studio, known for the game League of Legends. The project itself was named Hytale and is currently under development, but the trailer has already been published.

Hytale - Minecraft Killer

What is Hytale?

At the moment, the game can not be described a couple of words, Hytale is a big project similar to Minecraft but also very different from it. First of all, these are quests which, in fact, are not in the Mojang cubic sandbox and this is a big minus about which many players say. In Hytale, you can choose and complete quests with friends, a small team to go through difficult locations and defeat monsters.

Hytale - Minecraft Killer
Hytale - Minecraft Killer
What else is so interesting in Hytale? Well, at least that it will be all for adventure seekers, mini-game lovers and for those who want to create something! The game will even have a plot; as you progress, the player will collect the history of the world. The main feature is that adventure quests will not be the same!

Hytale - Minecraft Killer
Hytale - Minecraft Killer
You can play alone or with friends. All sorts of weapons will help you in battles against monsters and bosses, which will be very much! If you do not like all these battles, then you should not worry! In Hytale there is a place for those who like to create and spend time in peace.

For example, you can create a farm or go with friends to watch fan videos right in the game!

Download Hytale

Hytale main features:

Shooting your own movies with ready-made tools
Built-in support for scripts and mods
A bunch of different clothes and accessories
Different types of weapons
Huge open world
Underwater biomes
Different types of blocks and objects
Many types of animals
and much more!

Download Hytale
Hytale will be released only for PC, but in the future, if the project gets popular and approval of players, the developers do not exclude the possibility of the game for Xbox, PS and Nintendo.


The release date is not announced, but now you can start testing on the Hytale official website. Are you waiting for Hytale and how do you think, can this game finally bury Minecraft?


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