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For-Minecraft.com » Cheats for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Vape Cheats for Minecraft Bedrock 1.17/1.18

Vape Cheats for Minecraft Bedrock 1.17/1.18

Vape Cheats is a pack of mostly fake hacks that have little to do with the actual cheats for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Their task is to create an imitation of the fact that you have cheats enabled during the game. But everything is not so simple, of course: Vape is a set of completely legal things that act as additional assistants in terms of textures.

By: ImSkyzuu, Praxer24, Arell

Is Vape a Cheat?

So Vape is primarily mcpack resources that bring some daring features to Minecraft PE. All of them are focused on one goal to simplify PvP/E through modifying textures and interfaces.

Vape Cheats for Minecraft Bedrock
Vape Cheats for Minecraft Bedrock
However, these are by no means hacks and are legal addons. Their use in multiplayer is possible, provided the pack is approved on the server where you play.


Perhaps the first thing that catches your eye when activating a pack is hitboxes. They really work and highlight all players and entities, just like many well-known MCPE cheats work.

Vape Cheats
Vape Cheats
Other features relate to graphics and affect brightness and some other parameters. This correction allows you to see things and players better than before. Plus Vape contains reduced textures of active items as well as new particles. You can edit the menu in the upper left corner of the screen yourself if you want to add something of your own.

Multiplayer Gameplay:

How to install the Vape Cheats Pack?

1. Download the pack and run it using Minecraft PE.
2. Go to the game settings and activate the pack.

Download Vape Cheats for Minecraft PE 1.17/1.18


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