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Matrix Hack for Minecraft PE

In fact, Matrix Hack is one of the ToolBox components that is very often used by players as a hack. The fact is that the toolbox interface is stylistically no different from the original MCPE interface, and its grouping is very convenient and allows you to find an option in a few seconds without opening a chat and not scrolling a huge list.

By: HackToBest

What can you do using Matrix?

First of all, this hack is intended for servers, naturally you can play a single if you want more cheat functions. With Matrix Hack, you can do almost anything. All options are divided into sections taken from Toolbox. Therefore, use the hack together with the app for more functionality that can be downloaded from our website.

Sections and options (original Toolbox + Hack):




Potion Effects





Auto Walk
Tap TP
High Jumping
Toogle Sprint
Force Fly
Jet Pack
Air Jumping
Bypass Glide
Ait Infinity
No Slow Down
Tap Ride
No Knock Back
Kill Aura (Conf)
Mobs Kill Aura
Insta Kill
Auto Leaving
Exploits (Server Crasher)

Matrix Hack for Minecraft PE
Matrix Hack for Minecraft PE

Which servers are supported?

Do not expect any server to ignore your hacking. Most Minecraft PE servers, including giants, have anti-cheats automatically prohibiting the use of any visible and invisible hacks. This does not mean that you will be banned instantly upon entering the server, but if you activate one or several options determined by anti-cheat, then you can be banned.

Most of the old servers do not have anti-cheats installed and can be used as a platform for playing with this hack. If you have any questions, please let me know.

How to install the Matrix Hack?

1. Download the file and unpack it.
2. Download the suitable version of BlockLauncher to intall the cheat.
3. Open BL and import the hack (.js).
4. Restart the game and join a server.

Download Matrix Hack for Minecraft PE


saiomstar210 (20 June 2020 14:53)
Group: Guest
Geniiiial! AWEESOME! Coool! :P
Hackem1 (30 May 2020 17:39)
Group: Guest
Supboi123 (22 March 2020 12:19)
Group: Guest
I love it
Timsnnd (18 January 2020 04:19)
Group: Guest
Alano (13 January 2020 21:43)
Group: Guest
Sigooooila mejor 10 de 10
تامر سيد عرابي سيد (20 December 2019 14:02)
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