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For-Minecraft.com » Cheats for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Dope Hack for Minecraft PE 1.12+

Dope Hack for Minecraft PE 1.12+

This hack is dedicated to all those who play PvP very poorly and really want to win, not even honestly. Dope Hack focuses specifically on battles, unlike other cheats for construction, traveling and trolling. By adding this hack, you will get a set of the most infernal cheats allowing you to automatically attack the enemy, jump like a giant rabbit, turn off effects or fly.

By: Aerox PE

Feel like a God:

Using most of the hack features, you can feel invulnerable to other players. This is true when you have KillAura, BH, AimBot, FlyHack, Effects, and more. Combine features to achieve the best result on servers no matter against how many rivals.


After installation, there is a main menu on the left as well as functions on the right. Activate the desired hack depending on the need and also disable them when necessary. Thanks to the key buttons, you can instantly switch between a particular cheat without restarting the game.

Dope Hack for Minecraft PE 1.12
Dope Hack for Minecraft PE 1.12

Compatible with MCPE:

The cheat works on BlockLauncher for Minecraft PE version 1.12. 1.13 did not participate in testing, especially the latest beta.

How to install the Dope Hack?

1. Download the file and unpack it.
2. Download the suitable version of BlockLauncher to intall the cheat.
3. Open BL and import the hack (.js) (ModPE section).
4. Restart the game and join the server.

Download Dope Hack for Minecraft PE 1.12+


Idk (20 January 2022 00:12)
Group: Guest
Hey I can’t find the download button, any suggestions?
Line (26 December 2021 01:04)
Group: Guest
Thank you ❤️
For free hak
Gabrielujano (15 September 2021 02:42)
Group: Guest
Hello I want them
Jaffer sadiq (10 November 2020 10:02)
Group: Guest
I Love u r videos
PickledWord3034 (9 February 2020 12:18)
Group: Guest
Phạm Khánh Dư (2 January 2020 01:32)
Group: Guest


Hay đấy
Seif (28 December 2019 15:02)
Group: Guest
Quote: Wisk
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