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For-Minecraft.com » Cheats for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Rinux Hack v4.1 for Minecraft PE 1.2/1.4.3

Rinux Hack v4.1 for Minecraft PE 1.2/1.4.3

I present you a new hack for Minecraft PE 1.2+. This cheat is intended solely for servers and pvp especially. Rinux is quite capacious and has a sufficient set of functions that are very often used by cheaters on MCBE servers. Use this hack only at your own discretion, I do not bear responsibility for your account. And remember that cheating is not very good. :)

By: rinuxx
Changelog v4.1: 
New functionality:
1) Bhop.
2) Tower - Jumping when pressed on a block.
3) Hit Boost - When you hit the enemy it gives acceleration in its direction.
4) Auto Sword - When any mob/player approaches, it automatically selects yr sword in the active slot.
5) Platform - Creates a platform under you visible only to you. The platform is following you.
Removed Multi Aimbot.
Bugfix for different screen resolutions.
Added versions for the following screens: 480px; 720px; 1080px.

Rinux Hack v4.1 for Minecraft PE 1.2/1.4.3

Changelog v2:
That's the long-awaited global update for Minecraft Bedrock (PE)! At this time, added 6 new features that will help you in battle, so I fixed bugs and configured the cheat.
Multi Aimbot - Like Aim, only when you hit an enemy, you jump over it so it will be very difficult for the enemy to hit you!
Bow Aimbot.
NoFall - Four times increase each block area.
Wall Pass - This function allows you to go to half in the block. You will be able to look through the walls and pass through places with a height of 1 block.
Jump - Adds a button that allows you to jump without delay, this will help you fly over the islands in SkyWars modes.
FullBright - Night vision.

And it was also changed:
Reduced cheat button.
ESP color changed to orange.
Change font style of copyright in the menu.
Glide buttons are moved to the right.
Correcting minor code errors.


Rinux Hack v4.1 for Minecraft PE 1.2/1.4.3

Rinux Hack v4.1 for Minecraft PE 1.2/1.4.3


Rinux Hack v4.1 for Minecraft PE 1.2/1.4.3

  • Tap TP - teleports to the block that you hit. Teleportation is canceled if there is a block above the block.
  • Hit Aim - attach the camera to the player you are fighting with.
  • Aim Bot - this feature is very demanding on the resources of your device. If you are lagging - use Hit Aim + HitBox.
  • Hitbox - increases hitboxes. Before using it is recommended to configure hitbox size.
  • Player Speed.
  • Glide - after activation, there will be 2 buttons: up and down.
  • ESP - the ability to look through walls.
  • Water Walk.
  • Scraffold Walk - the best assistant for bedwars and skywars.
  • Safe Walk - now it's not dangerous to move around bridges! Will not allow you to fall off the edge of the block.
  • No knockback.

Rinux Hack v4.1 for Minecraft PE 1.2/1.4.3
Rinux Hack v4.1 for Minecraft PE 1.2/1.4.3

Available commands:

  • .help
  • .script [name] - applies settings to the selected server, list (list of settings)
  • .save [name] - saves the current hack settings
  • .load [name] - loads the settings you have saved
  • .speed mode custom
  • .glide motion [number]
  • .glide boost [number]
  • .glide mode normal/multi/pvp
  • .hitbox size
  • .friend add/del

Download Rinux Hack v1 for Minecraft PE 1.2
Download Rinux Hack v2 for Minecraft PE 1.2/1.4
Download Rinux Hack v4.1 for Minecraft PE 1.2/1.5


Ail (15 January 2023 10:39)
Group: Guest
Kidie (22 April 2022 19:33)
Group: Guest
Arturro15212 (21 March 2022 06:45)
Group: Guest
Nie wiem
Kk1805 (2 November 2019 20:31)
Group: Guest
Actually hacks should be updated now.1.13 has released and hacks have stopped working.
Brendon Carlos (31 August 2019 06:04)
Group: Guest
Nice mod hack
XD (2 August 2019 04:42)
Group: Guest
Is nice cool
Avsalom14 (29 September 2018 09:49)
Group: Guest
Any1 who uses this hacks in a PvP server to have the upper are trash. There are lots of ways to win PvP games such as sky wars and Suvival games without hacking or cheating such as camping or trapping. Also 99.9% of the time cheaters and hacker get banned from servers.
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