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No Cubes Texture Pack for Minecraft PE 1.12+

You will never see cubes in Minecraft PE again, but how will the game look like in this case? Everything will be fine and especially with good shaders (SEUS PE for example). From the moment each block loses its cubicity, the world will look much smoother without 90 degree steps and sharp ledges.

By: xAlphaModern

What is the cubic world now?

The screenshots show the operation of this texture pack in conjunction with realistic graphics shaders. No Cubes is developing and its goal is to catch up with the Java version of this texture pack so that Minecraft Bedrock can also easily turn from a cubic dimension into a smooth one.

How to install the No Cubes Texture Pack?

1. Download the pack and run it using Minecraft PE.
2. Go to the game settings and activate the pack.

Download No Cubes Texture Pack for Minecraft PE 1.12


HONGJIHOO (27 December 2019 23:53)
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TEH (27 December 2019 14:19)
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Fatoni (21 December 2019 15:20)
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No cubes
Gg (17 October 2019 11:48)
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Vggggchhdbbg. Fvfbybun
Kaikung (16 October 2019 03:47)
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Big boy man (3 October 2019 11:49)
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The file does not import in minecraft
Jen JSU (21 September 2019 05:55)
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Wow this is very good! Defenetly should get
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