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Magnum Realistic Texture Pack for Minecraft PE [128x]

Having a powerful device with a large screen you should try high-quality textures like these. Magnum Realistic is a fresh texture pack for Minecraft Bedrock Edition featuring a high 128x resolution and high-quality textures. Many building blocks look photorealistic, especially if they form a large structure, a palace, a castle.

By: yeskytan


128x128 resolution
Maximum quality (this is the reason for its large size)
Realistic plants, blocks, except mobs (they are in the plans)
Some similarity with Faithful PE
Compatible with Android and iOS
It can be supplemented by shaders if you have a mid / high-end device


Remember that this resolution is many times higher than the original, so the resources of your device will be consumed in a larger volume. It is not recommended to install on weak smartphones, it will cause lags in most cases.

How to install the Magnum Realistic Texture Pack?

1. Open the game and go to settings.
2. Activate the texture pack.

Download Magnum Realistic Texture Pack for Minecraft PE [128x]


YeskyTan (2 June 2019 03:25)
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