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Nostalgia Craft PE textures (MCPE 1.1/1.9)

Not many players remember the time when the game just appeared and the developers just started adding new content. The textures looked very simple and bright at that time, and MC players did not even suspect that MCPE would turn into such a popular giant. Today, when the textures are modernized so much as it can be pleasing to the eye, one of the fans released a nostalgic pack that includes those old textures.

Creator: mstrlzrX

Changelog v3.0:


Changelog v2.0:

Support for Minecraft BE 1.9 (+1.7 and 1.8).

At the moment, Nostalgia Craft PE consists of most of the original textures created in the early versions of the game. These are very bright and uncomplicated textures that have been replaced with darker ones to reduce the burden on the eyes.

How to install the Nostalgia Craft PE?

Download it and run the game.
Go to the game settings and activate the pack or do it in the map settings.

Download Nostalgia Craft PE textures for MCPE 1.1+
Download Nostalgia Craft PE textures v2.0 for MCPE 1.9
Download Nostalgia Craft PE textures v3.0 for MCPE 1.9


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