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No D-pad Buttons for Minecraft PE 1.0.X

Perhaps you would like to remove your character control buttons, but as you know Minecraft PE does not contain these settings. So the No D-pad Buttons Textures can help you out with which the D-pad buttons and the pause button will disappear. The screen will be more clean and uncluttered which increases the visibility of the game. Once installed, MCPE will be similar to the PC version of Minecraft, except that the inventory button will remain in its place.

But if you want to completely change the interface, and to transform the game into Minecraft PC then try the PC GUI Texture pack. It removes PE elements and moves some part of GUI like the desktop version. This style of game is more complicated for touchscreen devices, and you have to get used to the new controls.

No D-pad Buttons for Minecraft PE 1.0.X

On the other hand, the screenshots will look much prettier without unnecessary elements. Although you can always completely disable Gui in the game settings. In general, up to you.

How to remove D-pad buttons?

Download the texture pack and start the game.
Go to global settings and activate the pack.
Or, go to the settings of your world, and activate the pack only for it.

Download No D-pad Buttons for Minecraft PE 1.0.X


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