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For-Minecraft.com » Soft for Minecraft Pocket Edition » TLauncher PE - mods, maps, textures for MCPE

TLauncher PE - mods, maps, textures for MCPE

You can forget about the long search for content for Minecraft Bedrock. This particular app only works in conjunction with MCPE but its capabilities are huge. Now you can very quickly and easily download mods, textures, maps, skins and other content for Minecraft PE by making one tap.

Changelog v0.4.8:

Banners now correspond to age ratings
MCPE 1.9 mods and addons​

TLauncher PE features:

  • Tons of content: for example, more than 2000 addons
  • Excellent compatibility with any version of the game
  • Easy settings and many configurations

Anyway, if you do not want to open a browser and look for something interesting then you can very quickly install TLauncher PE and not surf the Internet. But if you need very sophisticated mods such as Industrial Craft PE and the like, then you can go to for-minecraft.com at any time, download the latest updates and learn detailed information, recipes, improvements.

Download TLauncher PE - GooglePlay
Download TLauncher PE v0.4.5
Download TLauncher PE v0.4.8


marcgaming (29 December 2020 06:29)
Group: Guest
armando (19 May 2019 14:14)
Group: Guest
gud Tlauncher
matere6543 (15 September 2018 23:14)
Group: Guest
beqa (16 May 2018 21:07)
Group: Guest
Joseph guadagnino (13 April 2018 15:51)
Group: Guest
hi my name is Joseph Peter GUadagnino this app is so cool.

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