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For-Minecraft.com » Soft for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Genisys/iTXTech (PocketMine) for Minecraft PE server

Genisys/iTXTech (PocketMine) for Minecraft PE server

Genisys core is one of the most popular PocketMine-MP modifications and is widely used by developers of Minecraft PE servers. Its popularity is due to its ease of use. This core has been developed on php which simplifies server management.

The main advantages compared with PocketMine-MP:

Advanced API to develop plug-ins (GeniAPI).
Support for Windows 10 Edition.
Optional authentication via XBOX Live.

Genisys features:

Player Experience System.
The basic functional of redstone mechanisms.
Support for effects.
Working potions.
Improved crafting.
Working mob spawners.
Enchantment system.
Working boats.
Multi-colored sheeps.
AI for mobs.

Future plans include: improving the work redstone mechanisms and support for items from the latest version of Minecraft PE, improved world generation, spawn of mobs around the world and changes in their AI, fishing and other. Core supports the current version of Minecraft PE, development for MCPE 1.0 and already have the first unstable builds.

Genisys/iTXTech installation:

Install the downloaded file in the root folder of the FTP server and restart the server.
Then your server generates a world map and creates files to configure: server.properties.txt, genisys.yml and pocketmine.yml. Using these files, you can configure the server configuration you want.

Download Genisys/iTXTech (PocketMine) for Minecraft PE server


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