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For-Minecraft.com » Skin for Minecraft Pocket Edition » 150 Skin Pack for Minecraft BE 1.20/1.21 (iOS)

150 Skin Pack for Minecraft BE 1.20/1.21 (iOS)

The number in the title indicates the number of skins included in this pack. Exactly 150 skins for Minecraft Bedrock Edition on iOS devices - that's what you get by downloading this pack. But there is one thing that makes this pack stand out from the traditional ones - these are 4D skins. What is it and how does it work if this is not welcome in MCBE?

By: YP9

What skins and why 4D?

If you have already tried 4D skins in MCBE then skip this one. But if you suddenly see something like this for the first time, then here is a brief description of what you get by downloading this skin pack. The 4D skins presented here are a technical extension that requires the installation of a small patch.

What do they look like in MCBE?

So, what do these skins look like and what are the differences? Pay attention to the screenshots and look at the details. Skins are divided into types and each has several variations including a 3D object in the form of a hat, hairstyle, ears, glasses or anything. These items exceed the skin's sizing limits, increasing the overall dimensions, so you will need a patch that can be downloaded below.

Download 150 Skin Pack for Minecraft BE 1.20/1.21
Download SkinBypass (mcpack)


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