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For-Minecraft.com » Skin for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Camouflage Skin Pack for Minecraft Bedrock

Camouflage Skin Pack for Minecraft Bedrock

Due to the fact that 4D skins are prohibited in Minecraft PE 1.11+, players do not know how to disguise themselves. Previously, you could do this by installing skins of a stone block, wood, door or mob, but recent versions do not support that. Therefore, you should pay attention to the ingenious solution that makes you almost invisible to other players.

By: EpicFlameDragon

What is camouflage?

Imagine that you need to hide from view so that other players cannot see you from afar, being a hundred blocks from you. You can constantly hide around the corner and be afraid that you will be noticed, but there are skins that imitate the surrounding background. The presented skin pack contains 14 blocks that can be found in any home.

Available skins:

Water Camouflage
Obsidian Camouflage
Pink Wool Camouflage
Planks Camouflage
Leaves Camouflage
Wood Camouflage
Red Wool Camouflage
Dirt Camouflage
Black Wool Camouflage
Yellow Wool Camouflage
Stone Camouflage
Green Wool Camouflage
Cobblestone Camouflage 
Grey Wool Camouflage

How to use these skins?

Their use makes sense when you are next to one type of the blocks. So if you stand next to the leaves and install the leaves camouflage skin, then other players can hardly identify you. You simply merge with the surrounding background and only your nickname can declassify you.

Camouflage Skin Pack for Minecraft Bedrock

How to install the Camouflage Skin Pack?

1. Open the downloaded file using the game.
2. Go to customize and choose one.

Download Camouflage Skin Pack for Minecraft Bedrock


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