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For-Minecraft.com » Skin for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Invisible Skin for Minecraft Bedrock (works in Realms)

Invisible Skin for Minecraft Bedrock (works in Realms)

This time there are no huge skin packs, you can become completely invisible and it works both on custom servers and Realms. This is more like a bug that should be fixed in the near future. But for now, use this invisible skin without invisibility potions or admin commands.

Invisible Skin for Minecraft Bedrock (works in Realms)

Pros and Cons:

No particles as if you were using an invisible potion
Full invisibility with the exception of the nametag (standing)
Traces and particles are visible when running on grass or stones
Strange but it works in Realms and other servers

Invisible Skin for Minecraft Bedrock (works in Realms)

How to become invisible?

The first thing you need to do is download and add this skin to the skin library. Then select Alex and confirm. After that, you just have to switch to the invisible skin and that's it, now you are invisible to everyone around you.

The skin like any other displays your nametag so sneaking to hide it. In this way, no one will notice you. Watch the video to see how the players behave near the invisible you.

How it works?

How to install the Invisible Skin?

1. Open the game and add the skin you downloaded.
2. Select Alex and then Invisible in the game/server.

Download Invisible Skin for Minecraft Bedrock 1.11 & 1.12


rainbow (27 January 2023 13:52)
Group: Guest
its in the description in the video

its in the description in the vido
this guy is an idiot (5 August 2021 13:50)
Group: Guest
bro u forgot to add the download
d (16 April 2020 06:31)
Group: Guest
in the area
anonoymous (13 September 2019 21:15)
Group: Guest
where is the download?
Cassio (5 June 2019 14:27)
Group: Guest
Não entendi.😑

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