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For-Minecraft.com » Skin for Minecraft Pocket Edition » Fortnite skin Pack v2.0 (Minecraft PE)

Fortnite skin Pack v2.0 (Minecraft PE)

This skin pack is completely made up of the best Fortnite skins for Minecraft PE (MCBE now). It adds over 30 different characters from the game universe that you can try on yourself and join to a Minecraft server. The skin pack is especially relevant in conjunction with the Fortnite addon which brings in a bunch of things and even vehicles from that game.

By: Keyyard

Changelog 2.0:

New skins: Beef Boss, Galaxy, Panda Team Leader
Some fixes
Supporting Minecraft PE 1.10.X
The total number of skins is 33

All the skins:

1. Cuddle
2. Raven
3. Zoey
4. Black Knight
5. The Reaper
6. Teknique
7. Omega [Red&Purple]
8. Omen [No Cape]
9. Shadow Ops
10. Carbide
11. Wukong
12. Levithan
13. Brite Bomber
14. Red Knight
15. Skull Trooper
16. Dark Vanguard
17. Rex
18. Valor
19. Ragnarok 1 - 6
20. Sun Strider
21. The Visitor
22. Panda Team Leader
23. Galaxy
24. Beef Boss
25. Drift
26. Dire

All the skins are standard without 4D, which is guaranteed to be compatible with any version of Minecraft including beta 1.9. Installing the skin pack is simple and does not require adding each skin separately, just follow this brief instruction below.

How to install the Fortnite skin pack?

Open the downloaded file using the game.
Go to the skins menu and choose one.

Download Fortnite skin pack for Minecraft PE v1.0
Download Fortnite skin pack for Minecraft PE v2.0


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