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For-Minecraft.com » Shaders for Minecraft PE » Tea Shader [Realism Cubemap] for Minecraft 1.18

Tea Shader [Realism Cubemap] for Minecraft 1.18

Tea Shader is wrapped in several variations for any specs you choose. It starts with a basic version designed for low-end smartphones and tablets, featuring the easiest and most essential settings and options. Among them are updated lighting, simple shadows and optimization for budget devices. It is followed by a version enlarged with various innovations, exceeding the first one by almost 50 times.

By: jexcrafter

Tea Shader
Tea Shader
Tea Shader

Tea Shader Versions:

Tea Shader Lite:

This is an option if you want to keep Minecraft PE in its original form but with a slight update to the graphics. There is nothing super complicated here; it does not consume more RAM in particular.

Tea Shader (Default-Vanilla) (With Fancy Effects) / (No Fancy Effects):

Both versions do not differ from the first, except for different graphic effects.

Tea Shader (Realism Cubemap):

The largest shader pack, which has a lot of features that work best on more modern powerful devices. It focuses on realism as a basis.

Special Thanks:

-Simple Cloud Codes [Lebrino Hermie]
-Fancy Water [By JexCrafter]

How to install the Tea Shader?

1. Download the shader.
2. Open it using the game.
3. Go to the game settings and activate the pack. 

Download Tea Shader Lite
Download Tea Shader Default Vanilla with Fancy Effects
Download Tea Shader Default Vanilla no Fancy Effects
Download Tea Shader Realism Cubemap


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