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For-Minecraft.com » Shaders for Minecraft PE » SMA Shaders v1.1 for MCPE

SMA Shaders v1.1 for MCPE

Innovative shaders by the Sma project for Minecraft Pocket Edition (Bedrock now). After a few years and a bunch of postponements, there was a release. SMA Shaders are close to the PC version, but this is not the limit! Juicy palettes and shades will delight your eyes. Optimization and shaders speed will make it possible to run even on weak devices.

By: Killo Brain

Changelog v1.1:

  • Completely redesigned lighting, now it looks almost like the present
  • Fog near the light source may or may not appear
  • Reworked the brightness of the world
  • Fixed lighting bugs & other defects
  • These small updates will soon lead to very large changes which I will discuss later

SMA Shaders for MCPE 1.9+


1) Brightness reduced to a real life level. At night, you will expect the real darkness

2) Reflections on water (Beta). While changed to translucent water

3) Changed lighting from light sources. Now it looks like a real one. It has a little fog near you. And hell is just interesting

4) At night, the clouds have reflections from the moon of different colors and shades (you can follow and view as much as you want)

5) Changed sky

6) Sambour movement of stars and etc.

SMA Shaders for MCPE 1.9+
SMA Shaders for MCPE 1.9+
SMA Shaders for MCPE 1.9+
SMA Shaders for MCPE 1.9+
SMA Shaders for MCPE 1.9+
If you find bugs or want to offer something then send to m11moffmedia@gmail.com.

How to install the SMA Shaders?

1. Download the shader and open it using the game.
2. Go to the world or game settings and activate the pack.

Download SMA Shaders v1.0 for MCPE 1.9
Download SMA Shaders v1.1 for MCPE


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