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For-Minecraft.com » Shaders for Minecraft PE » Tint Shaders v3.0 for Minecraft Bedrock Edition (Win10)

Tint Shaders v3.0 for Minecraft Bedrock Edition (Win10)

For Win10 players, Tint will become the most beautiful and incredibly mesmerizing shaders of all. Indeed, those who play the computer version of MCPE have not seen anything like this until this moment, especially such a beautiful sky. The Tint Shaders are designed to transform the ordinary sky into something else that can be seen mainly in cold northern places.

By: Source_Win

Changelog v3.0:

Works on Minecraft PE 1.11.3 and 1.12 Beta
Fixed sunlight

Changelog v1.1.0:

The shader is called SDGWE
Support for MCPE 1.9.X

This unusual phenomenon when you see it you immediately understand what is at stake. Polar lights such as in the screenshot are best seen somewhere in the snow biome early in the night. Just lift your eyes to the sky and admire the beautiful view that can not be seen in the original version of Minecraft BE.

How to install the Tint shaders?

1. Download the pack and open it using the game.
2. Go to the world or game settings and activate the shader.

Download Tint shaders v2.0 for Minecraft Bedrock Edition (Win10)
Download SDGWE v1.1.0 for Minecraft PE
Download Tint shaders v3.0 for Minecraft PE


kaleb (14 March 2020 12:24)
Group: Guest
its good but it could be more like the java moving leaves and water and I dont have a shadow but overall its good
mine craff (1 March 2020 09:13)
Group: Guest
it crashed my game lmao
Rebaz kakay (21 June 2019 00:10)
Group: Guest
Please download shader

Please download the shaders
Rebaz kakay (20 June 2019 23:59)
Group: Guest
Please Dolwaend shaders
Tiara (9 June 2019 21:49)
Group: Guest
Quote: Santiago
It's good
Guest Steve (22 December 2018 02:22)
Group: Guest
won't work with newest update.
i love these shaders so please update
Santiago (4 August 2018 13:36)
Group: Guest
It's good

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