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For-Minecraft.com » Shaders for Minecraft PE » ESPE shader v1.0.5 (MCPE 1.2.5+)

ESPE shader v1.0.5 (MCPE 1.2.5+)

Excellent modern shaders for Minecraft PE (Bedrock Edition), compatible with 1.2.5. Take a look at the screenshots and decide whether you need realism? The pack replaces weather effects, improves water and sky (looks almost like in real life), modifies the color scheme, adds ripples and shadows and updates the fog (it's hard to see anything if you are in the center).

By: ESPEshader

ESPE shader v1.0.5 (MCPE 1.2.5+)
ESPE shader v1.0.5 (MCPE 1.2.5+)
ESPE shader v1.0.5 (MCPE 1.2.5+)
ESPE shader v1.0.5 (MCPE 1.2.5+)

Incredibly, we've already added more than 40 different shaders from realistic to cartoonish and you can download and test them here - Shaders for Minecraft PE.


How to install the ESPE shaders?

Download the file (.zip).
Move the archive here: (games / com.mojang / resource_packs).
Go to "Global Resources” and apply the shader.

Download ESPE shader v1.0.5 (PE 1.2.5)


Barry (26 June 2018 10:42)
Group: Guest
The file is expired i can't download it, please help!
Captainmmoomoo15 (2 December 2017 13:47)
Group: Guest
How do you down load?
Ilyas saputra (19 November 2017 15:47)
Group: Guest

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