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Alto shaders (MCPE 1.1.1)

Those who have a weak device for playing MCPE can not fully enjoy the shaders because they consume a huge amount of memory and eventually the game slows down and lags appear. In this case, there are special shaders with little functionality, but thanks to them the game world looks completely different.
Creator: shmoonjr
Changes v3.0:
Added four versions of shaders, choose depending on the performance of your device.
The wave system (so far disabled in the ultra version).
Realistic clouds are updated.
Torch light looks softer.
Added underwater wave.
Added wind that creates an imitation of swaying plants.
A lot of fixes for all types.

Alto shaders (MCPE 1.1.1)

Alto shader refers to this type and adds not many features, unlike high-performance shaders. Here you will see an updated sky and sun, improved shadows and a more realistic look of liquids. Believe me, it's much nicer to play with shaders than with normal graphics.

Alto shaders (MCPE 1.1.1)
Alto shaders (MCPE 1.1.1)

The next update will include three versions for different performance, as well as a new GUI and much more. The Alto shaders support both Android and iOS devices.

Alto shaders (MCPE 1.1.1)

How to install the Alto shaders?

Download the file and open it using Minecraft PE.
Go to the game settings and activate this pack.
Restarts the game in some cases.

Download Alto shaders v1.2 (MCPE 1.1.1)
Download Alto shaders v3.0 (Super Low version)
Download Alto shaders v3.0 (Low version)
Download Alto shaders v3.0 (Medium version)
Download Alto shaders v3.0 (Ultra version)


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